Samsung SDS Unveils Technology

Samsung SDS Unveils a Technology to Speed-Up Blockchain Transactions

The IT arm of South Korean tech giant, Samsung, announced that it had developed a technology with an aim to speed up blockchain transaction, the company confirmed in a press release yesterday.

Samsung SDS, while presenting at the ongoing IBM Think 2019 conference in San Francisco, said that its new technology, Nexledger Accelerator, had dependably passed testing with Hyperledger Fabric.

The Press Release explains –

“In order to improve transaction processing speed, which is a key consideration in applying blockchain technology, Samsung SDS has developed its own Nexledger Accelerator, which can be applied to Hyperledger Fabric.”

“Samsung SDS tested the Nexledger Accelerator in Hyperledger Fabric last December and found that the transaction processing speed was significantly improved.”

The the Nexledger Accelerator, a dedicated Github repository is aimed at offering developers with the proper tools for testing and expanding the technology through a scheme dubbed “Innovation Sandbox.”

Samsung SDS says in the press release –

“The intent is to enable blockchain developers to run it to see how many performance benefits they can expect in reproducible ways.”

SDS added that it would also be joining the IBM Blockchain Platform Board soon.

Hyperledger is an open-source enterprise blockchain solution that is particularly developed by the Linux foundation. The technology has seen participation from as well as deployment among the major players, including IBM, over the last two years.

Samsung first debuted its Nexledger product, itself an enterprise blockchain platform, in April 2017.