Samsung SDS To Launch Three New Products To Address Blockchain Queries

Due to the growing popularity of blockchain, it is being integrated in many services across the world. As the integration and adoption of blockchain is on the rise, the speculation and queries concerning blockchain have also increased significantly.

Samsung has now come up with three new services to solve this problem. They have identified the need of a service in the market right now, that would allow various companies and corporations to seek assistance in their queries surrounding blockchain. Which is why, Samsung SDS, the IT subsidiary of the company is launching three new products aimed at redressal of blockchain related queries.

A press release has been issued by the company stating that these new services are to be offered by them. The release reads:

“When companies apply blockchain technology to their business, they have concerns on Converging services across various industries, connecting different blockchain technologies […] easy application and expansion of blockchain in timely manner…Samsung SDS proposes ‘3C’ solutions to solve such difficulties; Convergence, Connectivity, Cloud.”

The products consist of a “Automatic Insurance Claim Service” for forming a nexus between the health care and financial industries, a pilot scheme for linking the blockchain platforms of two airports, and a cloud-based implementation of its existing Nexledger platform. The insurance tool should be ready for public use by the end of August.

Samsung believes that they will be able to address the core areas of concern for their clientèle and thereby provide a much needed service in the market at the moment. This is a truly interesting product that the company is looking to launch and shall go a long way in re-establishing their presence in the market, especially in the blockchain sector.