Samsung Galaxy S10 Crypto Wallet

Samsung Galaxy S10 Features Crypto Wallet, Reports

The news that Samsung Galaxy S10 is doing something with the Android phones which can support Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency systems.

This is the third time of the news which incorporates last year’s flagship of Samsung. The first news came on December said that Galaxy S10 would feature both hot as well as cold cryptocurrency wallets.

It is either for trading or the transactions for the Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other main digital form of currencies. Some of the real picture of the Galaxy S10 reveal the unique Samsung Blockchain Keystore functionality.

A few news even said that Samsung Pay would include blockchain technology on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Also, it is said that Samsung Pay has been gaining traction. The addition of crypto support can also support the adoption of different cryptocurrency which can be used to pay for the goods and the services.

An industry official said that the new Samsung phones could begin with the popularization of the cryptocurrency wallet systems in Korea. Samsung won’t be the first company in entire Korea to start such a thing in mobile for virtual currencies. Some familiar reports said that the SK Planet, which is a Telecom subsidiary, has a wallet which is similar to the Samsung mobile.

The distinction between SK Planet and Samsung is that Samsung is rumored to provide its users with a hardware wallet system for the crypto coins. This process is called a cold wallet. And also, it is offering an internet-linked wallet which can support the transactions. It is called a hot wallet.

This news was leaked in detail with the functionality of the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. This is something that Samsung will reveal with its Galaxy S10 series in a few weeks in San Francisco which is on 20th of the February.