Samsung Galaxy S10 Crypto Wallet

Samsung Galaxy S10 Adds “Jupiter” and “Mars” for Your Advanced Crypto Needs

Samsung, the tech major from South Korea, has recently added two brand new services to its blockchain and decentralized application (dApp) Software Development Kit. As per recent reports, the company has announced this development in a press release shared today with a crypto news media outlet.

According to the report, Samsung has named its two new offerings after planets Jupiter, and Mars. Jupiter is a digital analytics dApp, and Mars is a crypto wallet the password of which will be dependent upon a QR code. These two additions will be integrated into Samsung Galaxy S10 and other new models of Samsung smartphones.

Jupiter makes use of price prediction based on TrustVerse’s artificial intelligence and analytics that rely on the architecture of Microsoft Azure. The dApp will allow the users to track how volatile the prices of crypto assets are at a given time. It will basically analyse trends, both past and present, in the prices of virtual assets, such as Bitcoin or Ether and suggest market movements to the user. This feature basically provides crypto price forecasts to users based on a careful study of trends. In-depth analysis of blockchain token market and prices is also reportedly on the cards as a part of this offering.

Mars, on the other hand, will allow users to transfer crypto on a peer to peer basis by simply using a QR code. As the report quotes the press release:

“Complex address input can be avoided just by clicking on a QR code and therefore, typo error or entering wrong address can be avoided,” the release explains.

Samsung is clearly on a roll, having recently announced an integration of Pundi X’s XWallet app into its Galaxy S10 just a few days ago as well. It is evident that mass market is gearing up to embrace crypto usage on a large scale and the South Korean tech giant is desperate to capitalise on that development. We crypto enthusiasts are surely not complaining!