Samourai Bitcoin Wallet Gets A Fresh Update

The Samourai has recently launched an updated version of their bitcoin wallet, for transactions, which includes a new user interface. In the announcement, the developers of the wallet revealed details about the changes and the upcoming features.

Samourai, an association of developers who hail themselves as privacy activists have invested a lot to develop a software that they feel will never be built, not be allowed by regulators and not be invested in by venture capitals. However they are intent on developing software that the bit coin deserves, stated on the official portal. The announcement was made on Friday through a tweet which said, “We’re excited to launch our updated today. We have a brand new look to better tie in with the new android UI being rolled out, expanded information on all of our current features and have begun to introduce a few upcoming feature and products as well.

The wallet is an open source app that ensures the anonymous transaction of Bitcoin. The updated version will be inclusive of features that will enable transactions to be kept private by masking the indentity of the users and the security of their funds. This new product called the Dojo will be launched in association with Bitseed and will allow users to run full node. This will be done by avoiding the entire set of infrastructure without trusting outside sources and at the same time avail the functions of a wallet. The product will be launched in early 2019.

The Samourai wallet has introduced several updates since it’s launch in 2015. They also announced the launch of an offline feature using the TxTenna app and TxTenna broadcast in October, which will help user to conduct standard bitcoin transactions in spite of not having access to the internet. In September of this year, they had also started using satoshis (sat), the smallest unit of bitcoin for determining all the values instead of using fiat currency references

Samourai has also always displayed a predisposition of development based on privacy, with them being the first to announce the offline transaction feature enabled by a supporting Segregated Witness in the history of bitcoin market. The Smart Miner Fees helps in estimating the miners fees and prevents users from overpaying. The Stonewall also guards deanonymization attacks through address clustering. PayNym keeps the user’s public address secret. The spending, scrambled PIN, stealth mode, remote SMS commands, Ricochet and One Dime are some of the other features provided by Samourai. This assurance of pseudo-anonymity, demonstrated by the steps taken by the company to tackle issues of privacy indicates their own insistence in the importance of security and privacy of their users, which is only gaining more and more ground.