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Sacramento Kings to Mine Ethereum

The Sacramento Kings are an American professional basketball team based in Sacramento, California. They do have a history of experimenting with new technology and yet again they are making the headlines for the same.

The team plans to mine Ethereum in an arena-based data center as part of a new MiningForGood initiative. The cryptocurrency that will be generated through this, will be used to help causes close to the Sacramento community, starting with the Build Black Coalition which aims to help local black residents with technology education and workforce development. Sacramento Kings is making history by being the first team anywhere to mine digital money.

They are using MiningStore-made crypto machines that will solve complex math to verify coin transactions, sending “a share” of those transactions to MiningForGood. So in essence, not all the crypto being mined is being handed over by them, but the donations they are making is significant.

With their dismal performance in the last NBA season, it might be difficult to appreciate these advances. It still, however, wrong to not appreciate a sports team taking advantage of technology to donate to a good cause on a recurring basis. Let’s hope Ethereum’s value continues to shoot up.