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Russia may block Telegram soon

Encryption has its advantages and disadvantages. From an individual point of view, encryption is a mode of personal security. But at the same time, tight encryption lends a helping hand to the terror groups to communicate and execute vicious plans without having to worry about any disclosure of information to unwanted people. In a recent series of events, the Russian Government has threatened to ban the encrypted app Telegram due to its non-compliance of rules set by the FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia).

The series of events that took place were-

  • FSB directed the developers of telegram to surrender the encryption keys for all user correspondence to which Telegram replied that this was virtually impossible as the software architecture does not save the keys centrally.
  • The Security Board, owing to the threats of terrorism that loom large over Russia, sent a legal notice to the developers of Telegram asking for an explanation and modification of their system architecture. The notice demanded a reply within 15 days of its issue.
  • The developers and owners of Telegram neglected the notice and did not reply or deliver an explanation within the stipulated period leaving the administration furious.
  • Russia’s Federal Censor chief. Roskomnadzor requested Moscow’s Tangasky District Court to ban the messaging app with Immediate effect.
  • The FSB has sued Telegram, and the court has imposed a fine of $14000.
  • Telegram, if banned by the court, may appeal against the decision through an appeals courts which would mean Roskomnadzor has to issue a second warning to Telegram. But the Censor chief has asked the district court to skip these steps and directly ban Telegram immediately.

Some sources have reported that another 40 telegram users shall appeal to the European Convention on Human Rights, stating that the FSB demands violate the privacy rights of an Individual. Some telegram users have already attempted to challenge the demands of FSB, but the court has declined their appeal to hear the cases. The dramatic end of the telegram in Russia may materialise sooner than expected.