Ron Paul’s Twitter Survey Suggest, People Prefer Bitcoin as a Long Term Investment

Ron Paul, the former US Congressmen, asked his Twitter followers, where they would invest $10,000 gift if they cannot use it for a decade. Most of those followers preferred Bitcoin over the more traditional forms of investment like Gold, or Federal Currency.

The break down of total 94,894 votes show, 50% preferred Bitcoin as their primary choice for investments while 37% said Gold is still a good option to invest. The US treasury bonds came third with 11% vote share, and the US Dollar had only 2% in their support.

The survey was tweeted out on 14th November, a day before it lost 10% of the total market cap within 24 hours. The analyst at Fundstrat believes the market might take a couple of weeks to bounce back if not months. However, on the contrary, Bloomberg believes that Bitcoin prices are on its way to slump down as low as $1500 in coming months.

Ron Paul conducted a very similar survey on December 5 of 2017 and received pretty much the same result. Bitcoin had 4% more taker while the other three options received votes on the same line as the current one. The Bitcoin was trading at $11,500, and on Dec 17, it hits the $20,000 mark.

Ran NeuNer Crypto-centric Survey

Another survey conducted by the CEO of Onchain Capital, Ran NeuNer had cryptocurrencies as the only option. It included Bitcoin, Ripple (XRP), American Airline Miles and newly formed Bitcoin Cash SV. A total of 15,816 votes were cast, out of which XRP was the clear winner with 53% of the total vote, while Bitcoin came second with 39% of the vote. The BCH-SV received the least number of votes with only 2% share, while the American Airline Miles received 7% of the votes.

A few other surveys regarding cryptocurrencies shows Interest in Crypto will Increase two-folds in future while the  Investors Are Looking To Increase Crypto Holdings in 2018.

Looking at the trends and some of these polls conducted, we can conclude that people have more understanding of cryptocurrencies today than it was ever before. So, the pioneers must work their way up in the trading blockchain to make the use of digital currency mainstream in coming years.