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Romania Blockchain Summit To Be Held In June In Bucharest

Romania Blockchain Summit, which is one of the biggest blockchain conferences in Europe is all set to be held on 21st and 22nd of June at the Romanian Palace of Parliament in Bucharest. It brings together the public sector, political decision-makers, developers, researchers, global entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators. Organised by the Romanian Ministry of Communications and Information Society, along with the representatives of the Blockchain industry and with the participation of the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum the primary purpose of the summit, as released by them are:

Debate and identify the most critical issues and use cases of Blockchain technology; match the demand with the offer of projects developed based on Blockchain technology; provide a platform for networking and business matchings leading to new partnerships that will generate new successful projects in the Blockchain industry; develop the dialogue between the government officials, regulators and the private sector in the blockchain area; promote the skills, experience and knowledge of the Romanian Blockchain experts and exchange information and expertise between highly experienced investors and entrepreneurs in the blockchain area.

The conference will see participation by world-renowned guests, leading technologists, founders of blockchain enterprises, regulators and blockchain enthusiasts and will provide unique networking opportunities with professionals across every aspect of the industry.

Minister of Communications and Information Society in the Romanian Government, Alexandru Petrescu said,

“Now is the right time to launch a comprehensive debate on our forward looking vision on the blockchain technology’s capacity to shape our lives, transform our businesses across multiple industries and bring us closer together. We must encourage and support innovative technologies that we can join with trust, in our efforts of securing peer to peer transfer of digital assets and also of finding new applications and uses that improve our everyday lives and the competitiveness of our businesses.”

Armand Domuta, the President of the Romanian Blockchain Association, elaborates,

“We stand at the precipice of great changes in the human society. Blockchain is not just a technology, it is a new way of connecting people, creating a radically new and innovative economy and society. And Romania, due to its unique advantages in human resources, IT tradition and infrastructure, cannot sit idle and watch. We must assume a bold position as pioneers and innovators, as regional leaders in the rising blockchain industry. To empower progress, we must stand together, with a united voice and communicate the advantages that blockchain technology brings to so many local industries. Our mission, at the Romanian Blockchain Association is to educate the public, to foster the development of a local blockchain community and to become the leading voice in the dialogue with the regulators.”

The event is slated to be a hub of exchange when it comes to blockchain related knowledge and insights as Bucharest has an innovative start-up environment and a robust blockchain and cryptocurrency community. Startups and entrepreneurs, participating in the conference will have the opportunity to introduce their business to some of the region’s biggest investors and investment funds. A jury will also be made with experienced investors who will evaluate and award the most promising blockchain startups in the Pitch Competition. Other than the plenary sessions, several parallel sessions will also be going on, where ticket holders will be able to express preference during the online registration process. Tickets for the Romanian Blockchain Summit can be purchased via Eventbrite.