Roger Ver is Bullish on Bitcoin Cash

At  the World Blockchain Forum, the early investor of Bitcoin-related startups, Roger Keith Ver said that he is incredibly bullish on Bitcoin Cash. Although Roger discovered Bitcoin but now he has switched his focus to Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of the Bitcoin which was created to fix the issues such as high transaction fees and long transaction confirmation time.

Roger is a prominent supporter of Bitcoin and believes that digital currencies are a medium to promote economic freedom. First time Roger heard about Bitcoin on a radio show and then he searched Bitcoin on Google. After analyzing a lot about Bitcoin, Roger realized that Bitcoin is going to change everything because it is money which no one can control and people can send and receive it with anyone in any corner of the world. As Bitcoin is beyond the control of governments, banks, or anyone else, hence it can be a game changer for the entire world.

According to Roger, early adopters of Bitcoin were the people who believed that the government is manipulating the money supply and controlling what people do with their own money, but now people who find Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies more convenient have started to use them- for example by using Bitcoins people can save on cross-border transaction fees or can even save on online shopping.

The cryptocurrency mining giant, Bitmain had 1 million Bitcoin Cash (BCH). According to Roger Ver, it is a big deal. He thinks that it is a bullish sign for Bitcoin Cash as Bitmain is locking the supply. Bitmain is one of the most successful companies in the entire crypto ecosystem and they chose Bitcoin Cash that means that the company is also bullish on the emerging crypto-currency. The CEO of Bitmain, Jihan Wu, was the first person to translate the Bitcoin white paper from English to Chinese. He is the person who spread Bitcoin into China but now it’s time for Bitcoin Cash. According to Ver, “We (Ver and Jihan) fell in love with the new version of Bitcoin which is Bitcoin Cash. We are now promoting Bitcoin Cash so that the digital currency can improve the lives of everyone on this planet.”