Roger Ver Challenged By John Carvalho Over Domain

John Carvalho who is better known as Bitcoin Error Log has again initiated some controversy and set the cryptocurrency community abuzz by challenging Roger Ver, the CEO of and massive BCH proponent, to a fight over the over the fate of bitcoin, which is currently hanging in the balance. This was revealed in an interview with Peter McCormack on the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast.

Though details about the fight and the specifications and the stipulations of the duel have not been clarified yet, the crypto community is indeed very excited about this wager.  Carvalho, in an interview with Vlad Costea of Crypto Insider, has, however, very clearly said that if he wins he wants ownership of the domain. He said,

“The best way to diffuse Roger [Ver] is to get from him.”

Though if it comes to a physical fight, Ver will have a clear advantage as he is a brown belt in jujitsu and Carvalho is in no way a qualified combat fighter. However, the man behind Bitcoin Error Log was valiant enough to say,

“I’ll train with the bears of Romania if I have to take (from Ver).”

Ver is yet to reveal his stance on the issue clearly but in another interview with Peter McCormack, who conveyed to him Carvalho’s suggestion, he has revealed that he’d be interested. His tweet reads, “Roger is interested, terms, format, and rules to be agreed. True story. Bitcoin deathmatch anyone?”

When asked what he would do with if he wins it in the fight, Carvalho was unsure and said that he would redirect it to for the benefit of Bitcoin.

Carvalho who said that he would in all likelihood redirect Bitcoin.con to Bitcoin.or, for the benefit of Bitcoin also added:

“I’m not interested in exploiting it in any special way, even though it’s an extremely valuable domain. My main interest would definitely be in seeing it be the tool that everybody wishes it would be. You know, something that was for onboarding people and educating people about Bitcoin — the real Bitcoin.”

Carvalho does not want the Bitcoin community to be misled anymore through Roger Ver’s, who is making the entire website about Bitcoin Cash.

This is not the first time that controversy has sparked up between John Carvalho and Roger Ver. They have locked horns before in a now infamous interview when the former pushed the latter on a number of topics including the semantics of the name Bitcoin Cash to the BCH vs BTC peer-to-peer cash system.