Roger Ver And Brian Armstrong Participate In Feeding Chickens Through Bitcoin Cash

In a very strange turn of events, Bitcoin Cash, whose market has been surging up lately, due to their impending hard fork, has associated itself with another use-case, where people can send in payments to a address so a feed a group of chickens. This has then been documented on a live stream, which currently has more than 11,000 views now.

The following is the address to feed the chickens.
Bitcoin Cash address for feeding chickens | Source:

This project which was launched on the 25th of October, and has since then received around 310 USD in Bitcoin Cash sent to the address. Viewers are enabled to tip the address with 0.50 USD, in order to feed the chickens, through the Iozeta CryptoCandy dispenser machine, which was created as a “fun and easy way to introduce your friends to the power of cryptocurrency”. It originally featured a way to dispense candy after the payment had been received on an address. However, this machine was redesigned by Spencer Lambert, who is a BCH enthusiast, where he filled it up with chicken feed and installed it in his farm. He then went on to start a live stream so that he could document the event of what happened as the dispenser processed the payment. The machine supports Bitcoin Cash, Dash [DASH], Litecoin [LTC] and Ravencoin [RVN] and soon gained tremendous traction online, amongst the BCH community.

So much so, that it drew the attention of Roger Ver, the CEO of whom anyone with even a remote interest in the crypto world would know. He proceeded to post about it on the r/btc subreddit, saying that he was indeed “amazed by this even though it is so simple.” The CEO of Coinbase, one of the leading exchanges, Brian Armstong also participated in this activity, as he mentioned in one of his tweets, earlier today.

This has also provided the crypto community with something positive to rally behind, as the coin is being utilized for a novel use-case.