RMIT University Students To Get Blockchain-enabled Digital Credentials

BTC Wires: Those studying at the RMIT University, Australia, are all set to be getting digital credentials powered by blockchain technology. The university has entered into a partnership with a start-up by the name Credly, in order to provide these blockchain-powered digitized credentials to the students.

The students who complete a course called Developing Blockchain Strategy are the only ones who will be eligible for receiving these credentials. The startup will verify skills and experiences of the students to provide these credentials.

This initiative will enable students to publish information concerning skills they have earned and accomplishments they have made via blockchain. Besides, the system will also allow them to share these posts or information on their social media and networking accounts such as LinkedIn, that would benefit them from an employment perspective.

When these credentials are published via blockchain, it allows for authentic, reliable and independent verification of the data provided. Whether the skills and qualifications mentioned are accurate or not can be adequately verified with the help of this solution.

The Vice President of RMIT as well as the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Education, Professor Belinda Tynan has commented that with this move RMIT has taken a major step ahead to benefit both students and employers as the use of blockchain will enable them to fill gaps in skills and communications that had been proven difficult to bridge all this while.

The university is expected to start issuing the digital credentials by the end of next month. In the earlier part of this year, RMIT had also launched the first Australian university unit dealing with blockchain in the form of a brief course spanning about eight weeks.

The course in question has been designed by RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub in collaboration with the FinTech hub called Stone and Chalk and Accenture, a firm offering professional services.

The blockchain technology makes use of computers that take the help of advanced encryption processes to keep tabs on transactions, making the process credible for both buyers and sellers. Transactions that are made in the digital currency of Bitcoin can be monitored, regulated and maintained via the efficient use of blockchain.