Ripple’s partner MoneyGram seals a $9M investment

The Blockchain space is getting immensely competitive as we speak. The improvements that are getting hauled over at the space is impeccably brilliant. One of the best ever strategies in that list is partnering with bigger ships in the crypto-currency chain.

MoneyGram starts off huge.

Ripple, one of the key players in the market seems to have an upper edge in the regard and is planning to stay that way. Many companies understand the value ripple puts on the table and one such company is MoneyGram. Even though MoneyGram partnered with Ripple to take care of its operations, there are still many ways in which the company must plan ahead its investments to make sure that they suffice the market in the case of uncalled waves and disturbances in the market. 

There are a lot of instant updates that the field is seeing in terms of investment, there are also a lot of companies that are investing in such partnerships trusting the value and worth they would be making off in the near future.

MoneyGram recently pulled off an extensive $9M dollar funding from Brinks, a cash-management solutions company. The official confirmation of the issue surfaced when the company made an announcement that they have invested a staggering $9M Dollars in MoneyGram. 

Brink probably made a smart move!

Brink’s investment of a heavy price tag is due to the partnership of MoneyGram with Ripple. Brink is somehow foreseeing trajectory profits over the next couple of years with MoneyGram.

Brink, on the other hand, has been an undisputed influence in the world when it comes to offering cash-management services. Brink has the largest hold of Cash transit services, ATM providers and vault outsourcing as well in more than 41 countries. The move of Brink to invest in digital currency seems to be a solid start to the plans of the company to go cashless. The company feels that as the economy is going through cashless transactions, it would be highly clever of them to make a choice in this regard as well. 

This partnership has a lot of deals that come along and one of the most major parts is that MoneyGram will now have a wide-global presence in the space. Many more investments are expected to flow into the company’s treasury if MoneyGram were to prove worthy of themselves of the $9M dollar deal.