Ripple’s Evan Schwartz Announces His Last Day at Ripple Today

After 6.5 years of run with the company, Evan Schwartz has just announced today as his last day as the Software Engineer at Ripple.

According to the announcement, Evan Schwartz has declared his departure from the San Francisco-based Blockchain juggernaut after 6.5 years of his service. The software engineer, in his recent tweet, says that January 2nd, 2020 is going to be his last day at Ripple’s office.

Schwartz is a co-founder of a renowned blockchain-agnostic payment solution – Interledger Protocol (ILP) – that supports Ripple’s vision of IoV (Internet-of-Value). He offered his thanks to the organization for his overall journey with the company while guaranteeing the XRP community that he, despite being away, will stay engaged in the Interledger project subsequent to venturing actively in its development.

However, it is still question that who, after Schwartz’s departure, will be in charge of the ILP.

As revealed by U.Today, the SVP of Marketing, Monica Long recently opined that the IoV and blockchain will encounter a similar development as web-based organizations have experienced over the next ten years. This is something that would enable the value to be exchanged for good across the world.

One can draw parallels between the ILP and the HTTP protocol that standardized the exchange of information online.

As previously in September 2019, Xpring, the investment arm of Ripple, bought the payment startup Logos to continue building the IoV.