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Ripple Onboarding on full-swing

There are a lot of advantages with technological advancements in the Blockchain technology and one of the major ones is definitely scaling the concept at a rapid level. Companies in the blockchain space are on the constant verge of developing their products so that they can easily scale their credibility. 

One such giant is definitely Ripple. With a ton of blockchain companies competing against each other, ripple has somehow managed to establish firm base grounds for themselves. One of the reasons why Ripple is holding on the steady and firm growth in the market is solely due to the companies’ interest in venturing deep into the Blockchain space. 

The reliance of the company is greatly increased with a lot of companies trying to partner with them to aid their development in products. With a lot of promising technology in their hands, ripple has always been able to successfully onboard many partners as it can over the days. 

Bottomline hops in:

Their recent feather to the cap is Bottomline technologies who partnered with them for forwarding fin-tech projects on the company’s dashboard. The partnership seems to be a very valuable move for the bottom line as the company merged along with a blockchain giant whose technology is just ground-breaking. 

Bottomline has been playing the cards to get their project ‘fast pay’ on track. The technology is aimed to bring an ecosystem where the users of the bottom line would be able to pay or get paid at a much faster rate. It is highly expected that the company is going to push the development of the project with them going onboard with ripples. 

Tranglo partners with ripple as well:

One more company that is planning to move plans ahead with ripple is Tranglo. Tranglo’s partnership with ripple is definitely to implement the companies products in triangle’s fin-the projects. There are a lot of projects currently running under Tranglo’s roof an there is no official announcement from the company regarding the same. 

It is speculated that the company is also working on some transaction projects that will greatly aid its customer’s transaction. This where probably ripple would peep into. With a lot of developing products with ripples, the partnership count is just going to rise above. 

Ripple also recently received a special reference from the US treasury secretary stating that the treasury believes that cross-border payments will lower the bar down for users. With special attention in the limelight, ripple is definitely in full-throttle ahead.