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Ripple Lead Nik Bougalis Suggest to Work Remotely Amid Coronavirus

Cryptographer and prominent C++ software engineer at Ripple Nik Bougalis offer productive suggestions on remote work management to organizations amid the coronavirus.

In a March 16 tweet post, Bougalis offered his help to company managers to look forward to having their teams work virtually. His proposal came as the ongoing epidemic resulted in a global push for remote work in an attempt to minimize the opportunities that the disease has to spread further. 

On March 13, the Atlantic said that people are estimated to rise in working virtually since the personal computer was invented. The outlet points out that due to the growing adoption of working remotely has been mild so far, “but the next few months is expected to be a strange test” of this kind of work. 

Bougalis explained that he has worked virtually for 20 years and is currently handling a core at Ripple. He stated that if any individual is fresher to work remotely- as a manager- and have doubts, please feel free to share the doubts. He will be contributing to fix the errors and share valuable insights to help individuals and their teams.

A random twitter user raised a question about how he can know if his employees have the minimum time to finish when working remotely. Bougalis admitted that this is a common concern. Bougalis stated that if you have hired a team for a particular purpose- they are good enough at what they do and you trust them. Keep encouraging them to do the best or assume that they are working in the office and not remotely. If the graph of productivity falls, analyze why. Employees not working hard is not only a problem. 

Moreover, Bougalis suggested that managers can use text-based communication software such as IRC and slack. These communication applications lets professionals interact at ease.