Ripple Gains New Money Transfer Partner In The United Kingdom

RationalFX Ltd (“RationalFX”), which is a UK-based money transfer provider has recently forged a new partnership with Ripple.  Being a leading provider of international money transfer services, their recent partnerhsip with Ripple could be monumental.

This new partnership is aimed at making it faster and more convenient to transfer money globally. Agrawal and Paresh Davdra, the two new founders of RationalFX have stated that that this new collaboration is in tandem with the company’s primary vision of providing a much more efficient and cheaper way for people and businesses to carry out international transactions.

This company has grown tremendously since it was first founded in the year 2005. It currently has over 100,000 clients, and it has processed around $10 billion in payments. Rational FX has emerged as one of Europe’s key international payment providers, and what is commendable here is how it has achieved this without any borrowing or external investment.

A tweet was what confirmed this new partnership between Rational FX and Ripple. The former’s official Twitter account tweeted the following:

A lot of people claim that they saw this partnerhsip coming after Ripple previously spoke about RationalFX in a blog post dated almost a year ago (on 26 April 2018). The post which was published on its Insights blog was called “xVia Opens New Doors in Emerging Markets.”

They had apparently mentioned in that post that Rational FX is a new customer. The blog post explained what xVia is and the connection between the technology and the firm. Excerpt from the blog post reads:

xVia allows for financial institutions and businesses to easily send payments to and from emerging markets by leveraging the benefits of RippleNet — Ripple’s decentralized global payments network

The post also mentioned:

…new customers:  FairFXExchange4FreeRationalFXUniPAY and MoneyMatch. They will leverage xVia’s standard API solution to power payments through RippleNet and access new markets, including emerging markets faster and more efficiently.