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Ripple Continuous to Impress, Get Honorable Mention at Major Global Award Ceremony

Ripple is not only making upwards movement on the crypto trade market charts, but the platform’s innovative banking solutions are being recognized across various sectors. Recently, Ripple found a special mention in a World Bank articles recently and now the platform has got an honorable mention at the World Changing Ideas awards.

The panel of experts at the World Changing Ideas awards gave Ripple a special mention for its creation of X rapid technology. The award ceremony was organized by Fast Company, which has been organizing the event three years in a row.

The main motive of the award function is to acknowledge technology companies whose initiatives have a long-lasting impact on the global society or at least has the potential to do so. The company has revealed that a total of 2000 brands have applied to get one of their awards, which was thoroughly reviewed and studied by a panel of experts and only after that the final results are revealed.

Ripple is Making “Ripples” Through its Banking Solutions

Ripple made xRapid and xCurrent banking solutions have been rising both the popularity and adoption charts, as major financial institutions, as well as central banks of various countries, have joined hands with Ripple to implement these technological solutions in their current system.

Ripple made banking solutions promises lightning fast transaction speeds at nearly negligible transaction fee. The two main concerns of the banking systems around the globe. The current honorable mention from the World Changing Idea awards only provides the necessary validation to the firm.

Ripple has been at the receiving end for its control over the native token of the platform XRP but despite all the controversies, the firm has not stopped from putting forward technological innovations that would help the society on a whole.

Final Thoughts

Ripple has been in the news for many reasons recently, but mostly for good reasons. First, it was the world bank which appreciated its technological banking solutions like xRapid and xCurrent. Now the Fast Company organized World Changing Ideas gave it an honorable mention for its technical achievements in the banking solution.

Thus, the future looks pretty bright for the firm despite several lawsuits over the status of its native token XRP.