Retiring Americans Barely Interested In Buying Bitcoins, Survey Reveals

A recent survey conducted by the Gold IRA Guide magazine (which mostly deals with matters related to the most precious metal) reveals that the attitude of Americans in the retirement age bracket is anything but promising. As per the reports of the survey, published very recently, only 2.7 percent of the retirees in this country have said that they own some amount of Bitcoin (BTC).

This month, the Gold IRA Guide sought out about 1000 people in the retirement age bracket over 50 years, and conducted a survey to understand their attitude towards Bitcoin investments and cryptocurrency trading. The results of the survey seems to be rather disappointing as a mere 2.7 percent of that group seem to be interested in the top crypto at all. What is even more disappointing, seems to be the fact that a large chunk of the respondents have admitted to not knowing what Bitcoin is, to begin with.

The results revealed that while 56.7% of the respondents at least knew something about Bitcoin even though they did not want to invest in the cryptocurrency, 32.9% were absolutely clueless about what it was. Interestingly, 3.5% of the people were interested in investing but were unaware of the process to start buying and selling Bitcoins. 4.5% said that they were interested but would rather gauge the market now instead of investing right away.

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Clearly, the attitude of retirees in the country seems to be in marked contrast with that of the young populace, more and more of who are beginning to take interest in crypto. In fact, Gold IRA Guide itself points that out in its survey report and also writes:

“While 56.7% of respondents have chosen “No. I know Bitcoin, but I’m not interested”, 32.9% chose “I have no idea what Bitcoin is” which is quite surprising in 2019 but it’s quite a telling number. This audience represents some low hanging fruit for the Bitcoin community to go after. Retirees are always interested in alternative assets that can help diversify their portfolio against market fluctuations. The IRS approving cryptocurrency IRAs is an indication that retirees are increasingly interested in including some cryptocurrencies in their retirement accounts.”