Research: The US, Japan & South Korea are the Biggest Fans of Crypto Exchanges

DataLight, a software firm, reported a new research report on April 29, stating that the US, Japan and South Korea are the biggest fans in the worlds of cryptocurrency exchanges.

After investigating the origin of the traders who preferably use well-recognised cryptocurrency exchanges, DataLight – a firm that continues to publish numerous insights into the industry – said that the US possesses the highest shares of the visits, which is more than triple of the next runner up in the list.

The software firm analysed monthly visits to 100 platforms, that outturn around 22.2 million users based in the United States alone.

The second was Japan that achieved 6.1 million visits, where South Korea had 5.7 million monthly visits. The United Kingdom and Russia took 4th and 5th place, with 3.8 million and 3.1 million visits every month respectively.

DataLight summarised –

“Perhaps the most obvious and remarkable feature from the infographic is simply how much of the world is actually trading in crypto assets: nearly every country on the globe is seeing some trading traffic, with the exception of Greenland and parts of central Africa.”

As reported previously, the Bitcoin (BTC) price surge earlier this month sparked a scenario of enhanced cryptocurrency trading globally. Associated phenomena, like Kimchi Premium of South Korea surcharge, also reappeared, with DataLight proposing such events contributed to the exchange visit rates.

According to the research report of DataLight, India has got 11th place rating, which comes in spite of an almost year-long ban on crypto exchange financing by the country central bank (RBI). Since then, local cryptocurrency exchanges have been obliged to either close or severely limit their crypto activities.