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Research Firm Reveals Just One-Fourth of Crypto Investors Sustained Major Losses In September

Recently, OK Blockchain Capital, a research firm focusing on crypto research has reported that a very low percentage of crypto investors, about 25% have sustained major capital losses last month, that is, in September. Although the crypto market, barring its occasional upswings, have mostly remained bearish rather than bullish lately, most crypto traders are making good on their profits, no matter how small the margin. However, there are also a significant number of traders who have broken even despite the lull in the market.

The research firm’s study also surveyed a large number of investors using a questionnaire. The answers given by the respondents suggest that investors are expecting the market to turn bullish very soon. About 70% of respondents said that they were expectant about the market swinging back and prices peaking. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) which usually stay at the top of the crypto market, along with EOS are currently the top choices of investors, and these three coins together make up nearly 43% of all crypto assets held by the investors surveyed.

The firm also studied the preferred platforms for investments made in the world of crypto and found that most amount of capital found their way into gaming platforms. The other popular platforms included finance and social media. Both of these took up roughly 20% of the capital each.

The continuous slump in crypto has not been able to dampen the increasingly improving investor mood. Although their faith in crypto assets had taken a hit after cryptocurrencies began to underperform earlier this year, the investor confidence seems to be steadily improving. Especially as the crypto market has been seeing fresh developments in the form of xRapid, brought to us by Ripple or the Bakkt platform by the Intercontinental Exchange or ICE, the enthusiasm of investors has been upped somewhat.