Belfrics Blockchain company

Reliance’s Former Executive Joins Belfrics As Chief Technology Officer

Kumar Kushal, the former Chief Technology Officer at Reliance Group, has joined the Malaysian Blockchain fintech firm Belfrics Group.

Kushal has reportedly joined the Blockchain company as the Chief Technology Officer in an effort to steer enterprise Blockchain Technology solutions in mobile governance and the banking and financial services domain, as well as to foster the growth of Blockchain startups in India.

Once Kaushal is onboard, he will be responsible for delivering business solutions to Belfric’s clients from across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. He plans to achieve this end by hiring the right talent.

News reports state that Kushal’s efforts as CTO at Belfrics will be steered towards driving a FinTech revolution through next-generation Blockchain solutions. The revolution will be delivered through patented mobile security framework.

Belfrics offers the BelriumTMbranded identity-based enterprise public Blockchain infrastructure and social media KYC for developers and system integrators.

According to Kushal, the next generation economy will be driven by mobile governance enabled decentralized databases.

Praveen Kumar, the Chief Executive Officer at Belfrics, spoke on Kushal’s appointment as the new CTO. Kumar was quoted as saying,

“We are delighted to have Mr. Kumar C. Kushal as the Chief Technology Officer at Belfrics. A skilled and reputed leader with extensive experience in successfully leading and managing multiple programs and large teams simultaneously, Mr. Kushal brings with him a wealth of interdisciplinary knowledge and global experience, which will help strengthen Belfrics’ presence in the market as the leading player of Blockchain solution provider. His vast global experience spanning close to two decades will help take Belfrics to new heights by adding deeper research, latest technology and knowledge, and newer business ideas. We at Belfrics are confident that Mr. Kushal will have great success in driving our technology vision forward.”

Kushal responded on joining Belfrics saying,

“I am extremely excited to be a key stakeholder in such a dynamic company and scalable disruptive technology and hope to build great synergies together. Belfrics is known for its innovations in the sector and I wish to continue that distinction while scaling up the business. Belfrics is dedicated to disrupt global markets by making blockchain technology easily accessible to one and all and I am enthused to lead Belfrics’ technology vertical to mark the company as the undisputed leader in the blockchain segment in the near future. I am thrilled with the immense possibilities and look forward to drive business values and deepen our relationships with the customers.”