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Reddit User Loses Money in Crypto Markets, Says He Was Stupid to Gamble

There are risks inherent with every type of investment and so is the case with crypto assets. A post made today by a user on the popular social news aggregator website Reddit highlights the same.

The lamentful post by the user illustrates how he took a loan approximating USD 20,000 for the consolidation of debt, but instead put it into the crypto markets, and subsequently lost it all. The investor wondered the problems that his ‘stupidity’ of investing in the crypto markets will bring him.

The Reddit user elaborated that in addition to the loan he took out for his debt, he will now have to pay as much as USD 1300 in payments and the total interest that he will have to pay every month is USD 700.

With the bear trend continuing its grip on the crypto markets, everyone with any investment in digital assets must be praying for a turnaround. The Reddit user is no different.

The moral of the story is clear- as is with any other investment, one should not invest in digital assets the money that he/she cannot afford to lose. The crypto markets are highlighted by wild volatility, hence any investment in the market is not entirely secure, especially if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies.

The interesting aspect about cryptocurrency market is that despite being one of the most challenging markets out there, new investors with little experience are lured by the prospect of making some quick bucks. However, even veteran investors have not been able to make accurate predictions for volatile digital markets.

While many Reddit users who replied to the user mentioned that he has ‘gambled away’ the money that he really needed, there were others who gave him some good advice. One Reddit  user replied to the thread saying that the user had made an investment in the crypto markets, and as is the case with all investments, losing money sometimes is a part of the process.