Real Madrid Signs Deal With Blockchain StartUp To Facilitate Collectibles and Fan Merch

Real Madrid, the famous and widely followed football club from Spain, has inked a deal with a firm called Fantastec SWAP, which creates collectible tokens for the football world via a blockchain-based platform. This was initially reported by a sports media outlet called SportsPro on 12th April and marks a rather interesting development for the expanding role of blockchain in gaming and sports.

Businesses that are based on blockchain platforms are increasingly making their way into the world of sports, particularly football. Earlier, even football big shots like Lionel Messi have associated with blockchain companies, with Messi having been a brand ambassador for Sirin Labs, and an endorser for the blockchain-based Finney Mobile.

In the light of such earlier developments, it really does not seem too unlikely that Real Madrid would also make a foray into this world, through its decision to have collectibles.

This is not the first time that the firm Fantastec SWAP has managed to bag a deal with a top football club. Earlier, this blockchain startup had managed to sign on other football majors such as the English club Arsenal and the German Borussia Dortmund. Now, with Real Madrid joining the party, the company is looking to further expand its SWAP platform.

With the new deal in place, Real Madrid football club’s dedicated fans will now be able to not just collect but also trade official merch from the club, including autographs from top players and exclusively produced video content. All this will now become possible over a completely transparent and secure platform based on blockchain technology.

Speaking about this development and the company’s further plans, Fantastec’s product development partner Simon Woolard commented:

“At Fantastec we are all very ambitious and have a clear vision of how we imagine sport and fan communities will evolve over the coming years. Each of our products helps us learn more and more about fan behaviour and wants. We have good connections and wide-ranging experience which has helped us build solid and valued relationships with clubs and organisations across the world.”