Rapper Lil Pump’s Merch Store To Accept Bitcoin Payments

Crypto adoption has gotten a new boost with US rapper Lil Pump’s merch store Unhappy beginning to accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments. His website has recently announced the same, giving crypto enthusiasts all the more reason to go shopping for some cool fan merch to add to their collection.

The 18 year old rapper is a popular name in the rap circuit and is known mainly by his catchphrase “Essekeetit”. His latest album Harverd Dropout has also managed to create waves. This particular album is already available to his fans against a Bitcoin payment.

If you add it to your cart and try to check out, you will be given an option to pay via Bitcoins. Lil Pump has a huge fan base he can boast of, having got 1.2 million followers on Twitter, a whopping 17.8 million followers on Instagram and 2.3 million likes on his Facebook page.

Shoppers will have two different kinds of options with regard to Bitcoin payments. They can either choose to make an off-chain payment using the Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet. Otherwise, they can simply make the on-chain payment using a standard Bitcoin wallet. Selecting any one of these leads to the website generating a QR code for payment, which the user can then scan to finish off the transaction.

The checkout platform for the website is made secure by OpenNode. OpenNode then takes care of the automatic conversion of the Bitcoin to the local fiat currency that is suitable to the needs of the merchant. This will also help one avoid the issue of high volatility frequently associated with crypto.

The website of the payment processing company tells us that they plan to use the Lightning protocol to ensure instant payment settlements while ensuring that the business itself does not have to pay exorbitantly high fees.