Ran Neu-Ner’s Tweet Roots For Ripple and Slams BCH and BTC

As it appears from his one of his latest tweets, it would seem that if you were to ask Ran Neu-Ner for reasons to invest in Bitcoin Cash, you’d receive a vehemently negative response. In a tweet, this major crypto influencer and the host of CNBC’s Cryptotrader has advised his 91.8K followers that they should drop their Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holdings and make space for some Ripple (XRP) in their crypto portfolios.

In fact, in another tweet that followed the former in a few hours, he has mentioned XRP once again, indicating to his followers that he was all for higher adoption of Ripple. His initial tweet, attached below, has fetched 1.5K likes and over 400 retweets. These are huge numbers compared to his usual statistics and it seems that Ran Neu-Ner has made quite an impression with his intriguing comment.


The tweet that follows includes a picture that debates the comparative long-term values of assets. Soon after that, he posted the same debate as a Tweet and launched a poll. The options included BTC, XRP, BCH SV and American Airline Miles. As of press time, XRP seems to be ahead of BTC with 50% votes, while BTC only has 41%.


Interestingly, his initial post has sparked quite a comment war, only partly in jest, as a certain Bruce Stewart who also posts about crypto accused Neu-Ner of giving out financial advice without having a license. To that, Neu-Ner simply replied:

“I have a license.”

Other comments dismissed the post as a “joke” and some also expressed their agreement with the post’s content

Given that XRP has once again managed to find its place in the second spot of crypto rankings (as per market cap; information sourced from coinmarketcap.com), Neu-Ner’s suggestion is rather interesting. BTC remains in the first position and BCH is holding on to the fourth slot at press time, tailing after Ethereum. The Bitcoin Cash hard fork has recently spurred off a hash war that led Neu-Ner to make the above comments. Although BCH price predictions seem to be forecasting a bullish trend in the long-run, questions over how decentralized it may be has put the spotlight firmly on XRP. Bitcoin’s ongoing issues of scalability and centralisation concerns have made sure XRP has been enjoying a strong hold over investor’s hearts. If you are ready to take Ran Neu-Ner’s word for it and invest in a lot of XRP, you must make sure you stash them away safely, in one of the best Ripple crypto wallets for 2018!