PwC Legal Leader Praises Those Responsible for Cardano’s Development

In a tweet posted yesterday, Dobrauz guaranteed that he has been stating for quite some time that decentralization is what’s to come. Moreover, he included that the Cardano Foundation and the team surrounding IOHK founder and CEO, Charles Hoskinson ‘are a huge part of this’ future. IOHK is the blockchain firm behind Cardano and Ethereum Classic.

Dobrauz’s tweet likewise highlighted a photograph where he remained close to Hoskinson. A tweet sent without further ado subsequently by Hoskinson uncovers that he met Dobrauz during his visit to PwC’s London home office.

Dobrauz, in an interview, rushed to call these his own perspectives instead of PwC’s, yet he accepts blockchain technology to be transformatie.

He added –

“I have followed the work of the Cardano team and indeed the Cardano ecosystem more or less from the beginning and personally believe that they are doing an amazing job and enjoy every opportunity to exchange with and learn from them. The same is true for some other projects out there.”

PwC’s Relation with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

This isn’t the primary case of contact among PwC and Cardano. In a late January YouTube livestream, Hoskinson said that PwC will drive a Cardano commercialization procedure.

Hoskinson said that Emurgo, IOHK and Cardano foundation are working hand in hand to bring together their Cardano commercialization procedure and PwC goes about as an moderator right now. He noted that he expected PwC to get ready and afterward make a combined methodology for the commercialization of Cardano’s technology in February.

Besides, PwC has indicated enthusiasm for the more extensive blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape on various occasions before For example, in mid-January, the auditor let smart contract examining team ChainSecurity join its firm. At that time, the PwC stated that it trusted that the firm will turn into “the world’s leader in smart contract auditing” with ChainSecurity’s team.