Mick Mulvaney Hired for White House staff

Prominent Bitcoin Supporter Hired by Donald Trump for White House Staff

Whether you love him or you hate him, but Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing people to exist today. He may not top a list of the humblest people on the planet, he surely loves making money, and that can be seen in his appointment of Mulvaney to the White House.

Mick Mulvaney is one of the big names among the most popular cryptocurrency supporters. While Mulvaney was working at the House of Representatives, he was one of the people who worked towards creating the Blockchain Caucus, a group of lawmakers who write and create new laws relating to emerging technologies like Cryptocurrency.

Mick Mulvaney has the great learnings of the inner-workings of the Blockchain as well as cryptocurrency in general. He has helped the Blockchain Caucus to draft two new juridical acts supporting the growth as well as the evolution of blockchain industry. Many proposals were seen being drafted to help increase the growth and support of the blockchain innovation.

To give you an idea of Mulvaney’s feelings towards Bitcoin, here is a statement he made at the time of helping to create the Blockchain Caucus. He said,

“Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the financial services industry, the U.S. economy and the delivery of government services, and I am proud to be involved with this initiative.”

Though the US President Donald Trump has received a lot of criticism in all the quarters of 2018 for many of his decisions, particularly regarding foreign policy and immigration, he looks quite open to the technologies potential when it comes to emerging blockchain technology.

Hence, Donald Trump’s positive appointment of Mick Mulvaney for the cryptocurrency industry is a great move for crypto-supporters and fans alike.

The appointment of Mick Mulvaney to the White House by Donald Trump is a positive move for cryptocurrency aficionados.