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Praise and Planning theories swirl in wake of John McAfee’s death

The death of computer security pioneer and  international fugitive John McAfee has been met with an outpouring of emotions on Crypto Twitter.

The rumored suicide of disreputable tax fugitive, Bitcoin exponent, and antivirus code pioneer, John McAfee, has prompted  outpouring of tributes and conspiracy theories nowadays.

After years of evading U.S. taxes and authorities, a Spanish court had ordered McAfee’s surrender simply hours before he was found dead, with the 75-year-old expected to face a time within the U.S. ought to be extradited.

Former National Security Agency (NSA) worker and whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, criticized the world reach of U.S. social control and warned that McAfee’s untimely finish might not be the sole one as “Julian Assange’s story might finish a lot of the same.” He tweeted:

“Europe shouldn’t extradite  those defendants of non-violent crimes to a court system thus unfair — and a jail system thus cruel — that native defendants would rather die than become subject to that.”

Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson, praised McAfee’s contributions to engineering science, describing him as “one of the foremost enigmatic and fascinating folks within the cryptocurrency area and therefore the history of computing.” “He was additionally a deeply troubled person,” additional Hoskinson, noting McAfee’s well-documented personal traumas and misuse problems.

“The reason for the suicide appears obvious — McAfee was seventy five years previous, and therefore the surrender to the U.S.  was approved, he was staring at over thirty years in jail, if guilty, and certain would are […] it appear that he set to decide on ending his life there in an exceedingly Spanish jail instead of a U.S. prison.”

Bitcoin influencer and podcaster Anthony Pompliano remembered McAfee as “kind, funny, and improbably intelligent,” sharing a picture of himself aboard the anti-virus pioneer and his adult female Janice Dyson, wielding serious munitions from the house boat the try had accustomed evade authorities for years.

Kim Dotcom, a web bourgeois World Health Organization is fighting his own surrender charges from New Sjaelland over his file-sharing network, Megaupload, lamented McAfee’s substance abuse confiscating from his potential, stating:

“A pioneer in data security. I continuously thought he partied too hard, ought to have avoided the drugs and specialize in using his sensible mind  for good things. once he had a sober mind it had been all regarding freedom.”

QAnon and conspiracy theories

Despite McAfee’s own legal representatives in Spain, informing Reuters that McAfee had hanged himself instead of face life in jail, the web is predictably ablaze with conspiracy theories declarative McAfee had not died at his own hand.

The flames were distributed shortly after his death was rumored, once McAfee’s official Instagram account shared a picture of the letter “Q,” igniting excitement among QAnon conspiracy theorists. Business  executive rumored that QAnon influencers on message with “hundreds of thousands of followers” were sharing posts questioning the suicide story.

McAfee’s own Tweets are reposted endlessly today, together with one from December 2019 claiming the govt was threatening to assassinate him and to not believe any version of events wherever he committed suicide. However, the tweet was promoting his “WHACKD” crypto token, which documented the death of Jeffrey Epstein, and connected to a website wherever the token can be purchased.

Other conspiracy theorists zeroed in on a post from June 2019 wherever he claimed to own a “31+ terabyte” treasure of information with proof of state corruption that he claimed incriminated “a Central Intelligence Agency agent” and “two Bahamian officials” that he would unleash if he were ever in custody. But McAfee was arrested in October 2020 and no such proof treasure has been free.

It’s good bearing in mind McAfee was no interloper to creating daring and outre claims, together with promising he would devour his own phallus on national tv ought to the value of Bitcoin fail to exceed $1 million by 2021, that he had performed sexual issues with a whale, which he had synthesized a brand new narcotic compound in Central American country Belize.

McAfee’s Tweets from jail had additionally taken on a progressively sombre tone in recent weeks. In May, he told that he had mentioned suicide with a fellow inmate.

He additionally spoke of being “an old man lost in an exceedingly close to infinite Twitter verse — like tears in rain” and admitting to “having a down day.”

McAfee’s Spanish Advocate, Javier Villalba, revealed Reuters he believed that McAfee merely couldn’t tolerate being in prison:

“This is the result of a cruel system that had no reason to stay this man in jail for this long.”