Ethereum Blockchain

Popula Achieves a New Milestone of Fully Stored Article on Ethereum Blockchain

A subscription based news platform, Popula, has achieved a new milestone by offering fully stored news article on Ethereum blockchain.

The article, in the first place, was published in Death + Taxes magazine. It was stored on Ethereum blockchain with the hash stored on the IPFS protocol. The news article will continue to stay on blockchain technology and was stored with the aid of developers from blockchain-based startup Civil.

The editor of journalist-owned Popula, Maria Bustillos, said –

“In the spring of 2016, when I covered the trial of Bollea v. Gawker in St. Petersburg, my fellow reporters and I were writing about the naked greed or the anti-press sentiments of Hulk Hogan, or the judicial system in Florida, or the courtroom shenanigans, every day. This whole puppet show we were dutifully reporting on. But in truth we had no idea what we were even looking at, because the real story was about the producer of the show, who went unmentioned throughout: The billionaire Peter Thiel, who’d bankrolled the whole charade and many other lawsuits besides in order to destroy Gawker, a publication that had mocked and criticized his politics, his business failures and his seasteading plans with relentless wit and vitriol.”

Bustillos says that the motive behind the project was to make sure that the proper preservation of the articles. With the proper comprehension of the workings of the blockchain as well a its many advantages, Maria Bustillos was able to conceive the idea, which has now materialized.

Ardent Believer in the Tech

The journalist said that from her initial days with blockchain, she dependably believed that the technology was to bring about a genuinely decentralized world and then produce the records which were unalterable and whose integrity couldn’t easily be corrupted.

Maria Bustillos also mentioned a few examples of libraries being destroyed in the past, noting that the creative works stored on the technology would make it much harder to corrupt or destroy the records. In addition, she also made it clear that every article put on Popular would now be stored on the blockchain itself.