Poloniex To Revive Much-loved Troll Box Feature

Poloniex, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges of the market, has decided to revive one of the key features it was known for back in 2017, namely, the Troll Box. Back when Troll Box was a notable part of the platform, Poloniex was at the peak of its glory, enjoying a high degree of popularity and seeing an influx of new traders attempting to avail of its services. However, over the months and years that have passed since then, the popularity of Poloniex has steadily fallen, with the exchange being increasingly overshadowed by the likes of Bittrex and Binance as the leading players in the crypto exchange market.

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In fact, back in 2017, Poloniex was the holder of the majority of the total crypto trading volume. Considering that year represented a peaking of crypto prices as well, the exchange was clearly doing very well, before competition unfortunately got the better of it. Soon, it faded to the back of many traders’ minds as its popularity waned rapidly. In 2017 itself, the Troll Box feature was withdrawn and the exchange announced the following:

“To meet the increasing demands on support staff, the Trollbox has been disabled indefinitely and moderators have been reallocated to assist in support.”

The Troll Box was nothing but a community forum which allowed for live user chats to happen on the platform. This made for easy communication between crypto enthusiasts and users of the Poloniex exchange and fostered a great deal of interest in the world of crypto trading. Finally, this much loved feature is about to make a comeback as recently the Poloniex team posted on their website’s notice board section:

“The ’box is back! Trollbox — the legendary community forum — has returned. Join the conversation to discuss all things crypto.”

Will the comeback of this feature signal a resumption of Poloniex exchange’s good fortunes. While that does not seem to be too likely as of yet, we can definitely hope for the best.