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Polish Digital Asset Exchange BitBay Introduces XLM Pairings

BitBay, the Polish digital currency exchange, has made an announcement on January 29, 2019, that it has launched Stellar (XLM) trading for four currency pairs. These currency pairs include Bitcoin, the US Dollar, Euro, and the Zlotys.

Now BitBay’s users will be able to trade in Stellar cryptocurrency for any of the above mentioned currencies. BitBay also stated in its announcement that the maker fee for any crypto-crypto trading pair will be 0.

BitBay maybe making its foray into Stellar trading now, but interestingly the exchange was launched in 2014 when it began with trading in only Litecoin and Bitcoin. With its launch, BitBay had aimed to meet the need for a robust digital currency exchange in the Polish market.

At the time of writing this news, Stellar (XLM) is the ninth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Its total market cap is estimated at USD 2 billion, according to data by CoinMarketCap.

The development comes as a piece of exciting news for BitBay users as Stellar Lumens is one of the fastest platforms to exist. It easily trumps Ethereum with a processing speed of over 1000/minute. Ethereum can only process 25 transactions in a minute.

With its fast processing speed, the Stellar platform aims to maintain a network of consumers, banks, and payment operators to provide quick money transfers that are also cost-efficient.

Stellar is undoubtedly one of the most competitive cryptocurrencies in the market. Organizations across the world, like IBM, have realized the true potential of this cryptocurrency and have been collaborating with the platform to bring unparalleled services to their consumers.

BitBay is also slated to start trading in two more cryptocurrencies, namely BCP and XBX. Native to Poland, BCP is a utility token. It will be used in the Blockchain Poland Platform as a payment means. XBX is also a utility token which is used in the Bitex ecosystem in order to provide secure payment and banking services. The XBX will be traded with Bitcoin.