PlayGame Collaborates With Walt Disney To Bring The Iconic Characters Into New Games

PlayGame, a Blockchain gaming company has recently completed a deal with Walt Disney, an Animation company to release new games for a year featuring some of their characters. These characters will be including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Olaf from the Movie, Frozen.

As of now, two new games have been revealed which are called “Mickey’s Delivery Dash” and “Olaf’s Freeze Fall.” The aim of Mickey’s Delivery Dash is to enable players to help Mickey in the delivery of croissants to a cafe owned by Minnie. Olaf’s Freeze Fall, however, will allow players to assist the character in locating and recovering some of his body parts like his arms, nose, and buttons.

They are slated for a release, this very month. PlayGame runs all their games on a blockchain platform, as may also be the case for these to games. The games, as per reports will not be restricted to an age group and anyone will be able to play it.

Southeastern Asia forms the majority of PlayGame’s client base, and same will be the case with regards to the availability of the games which will be available on the computers or mobile web browser of Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Both companies have been positive about the partnership. Both the companies expressed much satisfaction with the deal.

Anton Soeharyo, the CEO of PlayGame stated:

“We are delighted to announce this wonderful collaboration with The Walt Disney Company. Like millions of people all over the world, I am a huge fan of Disney myself. This is a very exciting collaboration, as our blockchain-powered decentralized gaming platform will encourage innovation and bring Disney’s well-loved creative products to the vast PlayGame community.

The Director and Head of Games Commercialization of Southeast Asia, Je Alipio, said:

“This collaboration with PlayGame provides more opportunities to bring our beloved characters and stories closer to Southeast Asian fans through high-quality interactive game experiences.”

This is exciting news for the blockchain industry as more and more development is occurring regarding the expansion of use cases for blockchain. This collaboration with a reputable American film company is also a new event. Recently, there has been the release of several games that are based on the distributed ledger technology (DLT). An example is Plague Hunter, the first Blockchain-based game which will be launched on the Play Station 4.

This month, Titan Flight Studios, a gaming company also announced its launch of a video game, ReBounce. The game is also based on the DLT, and it will be launched on the Apple Store. The game manufacturers had revealed that the purpose of the game, is to bridge the gap between Blockchain and gaming.