Physical Bitcoin up For Sale on eBay, with a Pocket Pinch of $99,000

If you are a diehard crypto enthusiast who has looked forward to owning a real piece of the top virtual asset Bitcoin for all this while, you can now grab a physical, tangible piece of Bitcoin, by shelling out a whopping $99000. Apparently, according to a new listing on eBay, dated 1st of July, 2019, a physical Bitcoin has now become available for sale.

Wait what? How is that even possible? Well, it seems that the seller has come out with Casascius brass token made in the year 2011, that he or she believes is a “must have” item for all collectors.

Apparently, the physical Bitcoin is loaded with a single unit of the crypto currency that is yet to be redeemed. All the seals are also as unbroken and intact as they were when new.

The seller is accepting payments in the form of both fiat cash as well as crypto currencies. However, in what is probably an amusing attempt at a humourous byline, the seller has clarified that he would not be accepting cars or boats as forms of payment.

He has written “Cars and boats = no” quite specifically, as though buyers needed to be cautioned against a vehicular barter system.

The seller said that this particular physical Bitcoin had been bought in 2012, a year after it was made. It had been kept under due protection in a robust safe for all these years, he has added. As he further points out about the coin’s exclusivity:

“Only a few hundred remains in the ENTIRE world.”

Casascius Bitcoins were first created by a crypto enthusiast in the early part of 2010s to serve as a collectible with access to the real cryptocurrency embedded into it. The person who had devised it stopped the sale of such Bitcoins in November 2013 and the ones that were sold before that have become a sought after product. The physical coin has the private key for the coin embedded into it on a card kept safe by a hologram that cannot be tampered with.

According to the date listed on a website that tracks Casascius coins, a total of 15,586 coins have been created till date, and 4,651 of them have been redeemed. Clearly, that means more than a few hundred coins remain in the world now but we must admit that it is an interesting item to have been listed.