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Pewdepie Joins the Blockchain Club, Partners With Dlive

Pewdepie, the most famous youtuber who has been in the news for his beef against Indian youtube channel T-Series has decided to join on the blockchain bandwagon. The youtuber announced his partnership with Dlive, a blockchain based live streaming application.

The announcement came on April 9th through his Youtube channel, where he said,

“I’m partnering up with Dlive, it is a live streaming platform… Dlive’s mission is to empower creators… through their revolutionary reward system… personally, I think its really cool to have a creator-based website, actually putting creators first. I’m really excited about Dlive and I’m really excited to be live streaming again.”

During his daily ‘meme review’ show, he also announced that he will be donating to the existing content creators on Dlive in his first live stream on the platform. He mentioned that the donations will be hefty and it would range anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000.

What is Dlive?

Dlive is a streaming platform which works on the principle of Distributed Ledger Technology and promises to promote quality content. The platform has been created as a decentralized content sharing platform, where the content creators have the opportunity to be rewarded fairly depending on the quality of their work.

The platform has been created keeping in mind the monopoly of existing platforms, where the creators had to pay almost 50% of their earning to the platform. Youtube is one such name and probably the biggest and most preferred platform of choice. However, in recent times, especially after Logan Paul debacle has made it tougher for the content creators to earn money.

While the move was aimed at filtering out the money-minded creators, it mainly impacts the new entrants. While Youtube continues to earn tremendous revenue on the back of these creators.

Dlive is Aiming to Empower the Content Market

Dlive has decided to put content creators first and aiming to change the existing video sharing scene by empowering the content creators. The platform creators believe if the creators are doing well, the platform would surely make progress.

The Dlive platform also rewards the viewers through its own ERC-20 token and create an urge among them to prefer a platform which not only provides quality content but also reward the viewers.