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Paypal to fight crime the crypto way!

There are a lot of benefits that are accompanied within the system of financial networks that is purely digital. Many of the functions that are possible with such an environment is highly commendable and has a lot of added security features that makes it top of its game. 

There are many advantages that are accompanied with digital payments especially digital transactions that are powered with crypto currency. There are a lot of definite measures that crypto payments bring to the table where safety and security is on the top. Many of the companies who are investing a lot into crypto based applications have one thing in common, they do it because they feel that it is safe. 

What is paypal upto?

Following the trails left in the industry, it is highly important for new companies who are looking to integrate their services with blockchain based technologies. One such company is paypal. The money payment giant is always a name many have heard of in the field of payments and financial transactions. It is one of the most globally accepted payment gateways to complete transactions on an international level.

With an audience so wide, there is also a high possibility that the company is a potential target to online frauds and financial crimes. The plan is simple with digital payments, one has to know how to code effectively so the person can break into the firewall of the system, decode the encryptions and steal the money. 

Gateway payment security is key!

But the same is not possible if the payment gateway is using a crypto based payment system. There are a lot of definite methods in which the payment is secured and this is one of the sole reasons as to why paypal wants to join hands with a crypto chain powered payment developer to make sure that the company doesn’t succumb to digital payments crimes.

The effort from the company is not something new. It is very evident to understand that the company is interested in the technology of a blockchain. It was soon long before that the company invested in a cambridge based startup to complete the smooth handling of sensitive data that is collected during transactions. They have also been actively participating in group funds and investments for crypto based companies as well. If paypal were successfully able to find a partner to complete their payment methodologies then it would definitely give an upper edge to the company in the market.