Paypal Hiring Over a 100 Crypto related Positions

Payments large Paypal is hiring over a hundred crypto-related positions as demand for cryptocurrencies grows. Paypal’s CEO recently disclosed the company’s growth plans, stating, “We continue to be really happy with the momentum we’re seeing on crypto and we’re clearly adding progressive practicality into that.”

Paypal’s Crypto-Related Job Postings

  • Paypal is hiring over 100 crypto-related positions because the company prepares to expand its crypto services. As per Job postings on the company’s web site, there are a minimum of 102 job openings associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at the time of writing.
  • While most of the roles are placed within the U.S, there are 5 job postings for positions in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel, six in Ireland, one in Singapore, one in Hong Kong, and 5 in Guatemala for Paypal’s on-line money transfer service, Xoom.
  • Within the U.S., 22 jobs are in California; 16 in New York; 13 in Texas; 9 in Arizona; and 8 in Illinois. A number of alternative states have nearly 5 jobs announced everyday.
  • The positions vary from crypto engineering managers, program managers, strategy managers, and blockchain AML analytics managers, to investigators, operations managers, crypto investigations specialists, crypto tax news managers, and crypto legal administrators.
  • Paypal CEO Dan Schulman made public throughout the company’s earnings decision last week variety of how the payments large is increasing its crypto services, as well as launching a “super app,” open banking integration, U.K. expansion, and third-party wallet
  • The CEO said:

“We continue to be really pleased with the momentum we’re seeing on crypto and we’re clearly adding incremental functionality into that.”

  • The company mentioned within the half-quarter that its crypto service showed “really nice results.” In April, Schulman aforementioned the demand for cryptocurrencies on the Paypal platform was “multiple-fold” initial expectations.
  • Paypal recently raised its weekly crypto purchase limit to $100,000 and removed the annual limit altogether. This was a five-fold increase from the previous weekly limit of $20,000 and a considerable increase from the annual purchase limit of $50,000.
  • A recent report shows the quantity of world crypto users reached 221 million in June. The quantity rose from 100 million to 200 million in only four months.