decentralised messaging platform

Origin Protocol Introduces a New Messaging Platform that is Decentralised

The internet is ubiquitous and now one of the fundamental part of every individual’s daily life, imparting a massive effect on society as well as economic welfare.

The “Internet is for all” seems to provide fair opportunities to everyone.

Origin protocol claims to provide a decentralised marketplace on blockchain, thereby easy to create and manage listings for the fractional usage of assets and services. Buyers and sellers would be able to browse listing, make bookings and much more. Thus Origin has initiated an attempt to make internet for blockchain. An idea of inception, internet within the web, Origin Protocol plans to offer buyers and sellers control over their data, drastically reduced transaction fees, and identity verification/reputation scores.

Origin protocol recently introduced a new messaging platform, obviously completely decentralised so that the users may communicate over the listings.

Origin uses ERC 725 identity standard, an open standard proposed by Fabien of the Ethereum foundation. Using the ERC 725 standard, users can attach a 3rd party identity at a station to their ethereum wallets similar to traditional applications. However, the user owns their own data which means their identity can be ported to other decentralised applications.

The messaging system is built on top of orbit DB which is serverless, distributed, and a peer-to-peer database that uses IPFS as its data storage and IPFS pubsub to automatically synchronise database with peers. The system is decentralized, secure and auditable. This seems to be a genuine attempt to bring the users closer and negotiate over the listings and allowing them to take control over their own data. According to Origin engineer Micah Alcorn, the user identity is paramount, and no one including Origin and the National Security Agency(NSA), should have the ability to eavesdrop on user conversations.

Origin continued “Messaging is a critical component necessary to facilitate meaningful transactions between users.” as Josh Fraser said the company believes that “buyers and sellers” should be able to “transact without rent-seeking middlemen.”

He also said, “When you cut out the middleman, you also remove their fees, and both the buyer and the seller can get a better price. We’re passionate about promoting free and transparent commerce and giving our community a stake in the network.”