Only Digital Currency Receives Validation From PwC

BTC Wires: An executive of PwC Switzerland has said that out of the various digital assets that have been prevalent, only the digital currencies could be acceptable presently. This has been stated according to the post that PwC made on its official website on the 31st of July.

Through the post, the Senior Manager and Data & Analytics Specialist, Mr. Roland Stadler, said that although all the digital assets appear to be the same, they are quite different when analysed minutely.

Mr. Stadler has further simplified the distinction among all types of the digital assets in a way that could be quite acceptable. He has mentioned that only a few categories of the assets could be considered as “literal” currencies in the true sense. He categorised all types of digital assets into three main sub-heads, which are currencies (eg. Bitcoin), utility tokens and then security tokens.

He has even justified his categorisation saying that BTC is that form of digital currency that could be used as both payment network and instrument. Further, utility tokens are a kind of fuel that can be used for software and services.

On the other hand, security tokens are those assets that form the digital securities while being shares of any company or the right to any future profit of a project. However, he did not fail to mention that security tokens can be a little tricky from the point of view of regulators because they may fall under the same requirements as the IPO of any company.

He ended his report saying that currently, the currency-like digital assets are the only important ones as they have a wide acceptance among all others. Any such currency, like Bitcoin, could be considered to be a long-term investment and its growing acceptance is just an evidence.