OneGramCoin (OGC) Is Set To Start Trading On Trade Satoshi

The first Sharia finance law compliant digital currency backed by at least one gram of gold, OneGramCoin (OGC) is set to begin its trade on a trading platform of Altcoins known as Trade Satoshi. The trading platform is focused on rendering the highest level of security, customer services as well as transparency. The third party exchange has a 24-hour trading volume that is equivalent (in fiat sums up) to almost half a million dollars. Trade Satoshi was founded in 2015 and will be listing OGC, at times, later this week.

OneGram is the company that backs the OGC and has won several 3rd party awards for their innovation as well as the digital product. The most recent award the company has achieved was the WIFA (World Islamic Finance Awards) “People’s Choice Award”. It would be just another year in a row that OneGram has grabbed up that award, and for a good reason, people who support OneGram are eager and willing to see the business reaching the new heights.

The CEO of OneGram, Ibrahim Mohammed, has said –

“I want to thank everyone for the thousands of votes OneGram received and I just received news, the World Islamic Finance People’s Choice Award goes to OneGram, yes Alhumdulillah we did it again. That’s 2 accreditation from Islamic Retail Banking Awards, 1 from Global Islamic Finance Awards and now 1 from World Islamic Finance Awards.”

However, the project is still moving forward with the full steam ahead after getting launched on Huulk, which is their own exchange platform. With OneGramCoin (OGC) being listed on the trading platform for Altcoins, Trade Satoshi, this week, the marketing team, development team, as well as administration have been quite busy over the last couple of years.

With that said, it can be said that OneGramCoin is paving its own way in the crypto world.