OmiseGO’s First dApp Is Ready To Disrupt Traditional Video Games

No doubt, various cryptocurrency ecosystems are competing for traction. EOS, NEO, TRON and Ethereum, all of them have their own distributed applications. Now, this list of dApps can be expanded upon with the addition of OmiseGO. The company’s first every blockchain-centered decentralized application goes by the name of Plasma Dog.

In the first place, it brings favourable consideration to OmiseGO’s approach. The game will surely get some attention from the game enthusiasts. Gamification is a significant step towards taking dApps into the mainstream.

In the second place, Plasma Dog exhibits an important scaling layer. Even, the Plasma MVP of OmiseGO is being developed on the Ethereum network.

Though this game won’t get the world passionate about OmiseGO, yet it surely makes a significant milestone. It allows for real ownership of in-game assets under the hood. Also, it would allow users to purchase and sell in-game products via decentralized marketplaces. It can be said that an all-new gaming economy will be born since the game relies on the UTXO token standard.

An uncommon movement is taking place in the video gaming industry. Many consumers voice the opposition over the existing direction game publishers are taking. Non-transparent yet strict management of in-game assets like cosmetics has been a point of discussion. The intro of microtransactions isn’t helping matters much either.

With this peculiar movement, What OmiseGO is doing may be important for the gaming industry. The $100 billion industry has to keep on innovating itself. Providing more and more transparency also can do a lot of good as a result. Even if that will be done via blockchain or any other solution, it has to be determined.

However, gaining traction with this new dApp is going to be a key challenge. Though games are approachable, they still tend to lose public interest after a certain period.