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Ohio Is Making Distinct Advancements With Blockchain

Legislators in the state of Ohio have begun to express their interest in the emerging and immensely potent blockchain technology, although they are yet to devise a comprehensive plan for implementing the technology and utilizing it adequately. 23rd August 2018 saw Ryan Smith,the Speaker of the House of Representatives, bring together a diverse set of people to discuss the prospects of the technology at a press conference. The group of speakers who were a part of the discussion included businessmen, scholars and legislators and they deliberated upon how the state plans to attract blockchain developers as well as companies.

Although no particular law or regulation  concerning blockchain and related aspects was suggested at the press conference, Ryan Smith said that he was convinced that this technology could see a wide range of applications in the public sector. It can come particularly handy in storing birth certificates, licenses of marriage, and other similar forms of data more securely.

In addition, Smith opined that even students can play a role in blockchain development. If they closely collaborate with educational institutions, they will be able to improve upon their blockchain expertise even before they even complete their graduation or begin their careers. Finally, Smith said that he sought to present Ohio as a prospective tech hub to business owners, entrepreneurs and companies. He said that since this is still at such an early stage, the state can work on giving it such a shape which propels Ohio to the forefront of the blockchain and tech spaces.

Earlier, it had been reported that Ohio had come up with a new bill in May which was meant to put blockchain data and smart contracts under the ambit of electronic records, so as to make the state of Ohio a safe haven for blockchain technology. The bill received the Governor’s approval and Governor John Kasich’s signature on the bill meant that Ohio joined the list of states trying to give blockchain data a legal and official status.