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Nvidia Adds Blockchain-AI Start-up To Incubator

One of the biggest graphics card producer, Nvidia, is now looking to develop a smart online platform based on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in collaboration with a start-up called Ubex. It must be noted that Nvidia received a significant business boost from the massive demand for crypto mining last year, a development which made it to the headlines.

On behalf of Ubex, Abhinav Agarwal said that earlier this month Nvidia had accepted Ubex into its inception program. Ubex is aiming to use this technology to help a neural network, a computer program designed to think like a person, present advertisements on websites more efficiently.

In a nutshell, Ubex is aiming to use blockchain to underpin its services to help network target ads at consumers whilst the data is stored in a distributed ledger system. According to Artem Chestnov, co-founder and chief executive at Ubex, they are using blockchain as their primary goal is “Transparency and speed of transactions.”

He further added that “Any AI needs datasets to work more effectively and learn. Training an AI required a lot of effort. The blockchain base will allow us to attract thousands of sources of information that will be used to enrich our AIs database and make it faster, smarter, stronger and more efficient.” Presently, Ubex has launched a prototype of its platform for testing purpose.

According to Nvidia website, the Inception Program from the company aims to empower AI start-ups with necessary resources and data science to help with development and marketing of their products. Abhinav Agarwal further added that the resources provided by Nvidia comprise of datasets, marketing, and educational tools for training of the neural network of Ubex.

Arjun Dutt, who is the head of the Nvidia Inception Program, confirmed Ubex status as a part of the incubation program but reiterated that use of blockchain technology by Ubex “was not a significant factor in our consideration.” He said that instead, it was the start-up’s planned application that grabbed the attention of Nvidia.

He further added that “The main area of interest is their use of deep learning and neural networks for better online advertising algorithms.”