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Now Pay for Your Outer Space Luxury Holiday in Crypto

Your Christmas holidays for the year may already be planned, but do you know four years from now you can spend the New Year in outer space! Yes, the California-based Orion Span Inc, a company which is building the world’s first luxury hotel in space, is making this dream come true.

Orion Span will now offer outer space holiday packages that will be payable in cryptocurrencies. The unique experience will require deep pockets as it is set to cost as much as USD 9.5 million, but the best part is that Orion Span accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The Orion Span project was launched in April 2018, and it aims to build a luxury hotel on the Aurora space station. The 12-night travel package has already been booked by over 26 travelers from around the globe.

Frank Bunger, the CEO, and Founder of Orion Span said on the excitement received by the project, “Since opening our hotel reservations in April, we’ve been met with great excitement as space enthusiasts from around the world have moved quickly to secure their reservations.”

The Aurora Station Luxury Hotel will be developed to accommodate 4-6 guests as well as two crew members who will assist with the departure. During the 12 night stay, guests will enjoy the beautiful views of Aurora, experience zero gravity environment, and will also be able to partake in exciting space experiments.

The luxury hotel will be a tech enthusiast’s delight as it will boast of various tech-friendly amenities such as holodeck for virtual reality experience, wireless internet, etc. One will also have access to social media networks to keep their friends and followers updated with their outer space trip.

If you want to have the experience of a lifetime of staying in a luxury hotel in space but don’t have the necessary funds, then don’t lose heart as the Orion Span will only start sending travelers into space by the year 2022. However, a down payment of USD 80,000 is required to reserve the stay!