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“Now everybody doing bitcoin” says Track in Eminem’s New ‘Kamikaze’ Album

“Will the real Slim Shady, please stand up?

Well, well, looks like Slim Shady is back and up on his two feet, and how. With his new album ‘Kamikaze’ hitting the market, everyone is once again looking up reverentially towards their beloved ‘Rap God’, claiming its his best work in ages. However, a very exciting aspect about this new album has got the crypto enthusiasts really excited. One of the tracks in the album gives a shout out to Bitcoin.

The eighth track on the album which is called “Not Alike”, is the track in question here. The rapper who collaborated with Eminem on this track is U.S. rapper Ryan Daniel Montgomery, who is popularly known as Royce Da 5’9′. Their association goes way back to circa 2011 when they collaborated for the Album “Hell: The Sequel”. Collectively, they have recorded around 66 tracks.

The “Not Alike” track has the following line which has created all the hype:

“Remember everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin.”

According to leading analysts, this line offers a certain legitimacy to bitcoin and symbolises its prominent presence in the mainstream pop culture. Forbes has commented on this by making the following statement,

“The mention on Eminem’s album is significant however as it suggests not a get rich quick scheme nor a way to sell illicit goods online, but rather something that “everybody [is] doing” — that it’s as common as knowing you bite the metal coin to test its quality.”

Bitcoin is not something that has recently found a gateway into the world of rap. Lot of rappers have previously had connections with bitcoin. Popular rapper 50 cent was reported to be in possession of bitcoins worth millons. However he later denied owning any bitcoins in court. He earlier made headlines by accepting crypto payments for his album ” Animal Ambition’, thereby becoming the first rapper to do so.

Another popular rapper Akon, launched his own cryptocurrency, which could be used in his “Akon Crypto City,” as was reported by Cointelegraph on June 20.

When pop culture artistes start integrating mention of bitcoin in their pieces, it only hints at a possibility of greater awareness among the mass about cryptocurency.