North Queensland’s Bitcoin Cash City To Host a BCH-Themed Event

North Queensland, Australia, recently termed as the Bitcoin Cash City is all set to host the Bitcoin Cash Conference, a BCH-themed event.
The state comprises of around 78 BCH accepting merchants and many residents are bitcoin supporters, making it a perfect choice. The event will host a wide array of BCH developers, luminaries, and business executives and its aim are to promote adoption of Bitcoin on a global scale.

Some speakers of the event, to be held on September 4-5, 2019, include, Bitcoin ABC software developer Amaury Séchet,’s director of developer services Gabriel Cardona, OB1 developer and Bchd maintainer Chris Pacia, Cointext CEO Vin Armani, Coinbase senior software engineer Josh Ellithorpe, Code Valley CEO Noel Lovisa, and the Lexcode Legal director Tony Hockings.
The conference will be hosted at the Quayside Terminal in South Townsville.

The conference organizers believe that it’s a good time to host a BCH-centric event. They said,

“The time for global permissionless money is now. Come build the foundations with us at Bitcoin Cash City…The city is home to the planet’s largest concentration of true Bitcoin Cash merchants, who take bitcoin cash directly in a wallet where the business owner controls private keys. We are encouraging people to come here to both enjoy the conference and spend bitcoin cash. You can live off bitcoin cash here for as long as you’d like, without having to touch fiat currency.”

The conference will talk about the acceptability and use of Bitcoin around the world, along with real-world cases.

The event is a community funded initiative in Australia and not a for-profit one. Tickets are on sale now and three types of tickets are available for within $299-699. Tickets must be paid for in bitcoin cash and each specific package explains what is included. VIP ticket holders will also be able to enjoy a 30-minute helicopter tour during the event.

Such events are necessary for catching the attention of more and more people towards the world of crypto.