NFT whale ‘Pranksy’ pranked by fake Banksy for 97.7 ETH

NFT collector Pranksy has been refunded the a hundred Ether he spent on a digital design fraudulently claiming to possess been composed by famous artists , Banksy.
Nonfungible token collector Pransky was duped out of 97.67 Ether, worth $341,500, once the website of famous artist Banksy was hijacked to market a pretend NFT auction.

However, the majority of the cash has since been refunded.

On Aug. 31, Pransky noticed a page on Banksy’s official website promoting an NFT auction on the famous marketplace, OpenSea. Despite registering his misgiving on the believability of the token, Pranksy opted to participate within the auction and exaggerated the best bid by eighty seven Ether ($304,500) to virtually a hundred ETH.
The bid was accepted, however once a link to the OpenSea auction was far from Banksy’s website, the NFT capitalist began to worry the listing could be fallacious. only 1 hour once sharing the auction on Twitter, Pranksy posted:

“So my bid of a 100 ETH was accepted for the potential #Banksy initial #NFT on @opensea. The link was removed from his website therefore it might be a really elaborate hoax, my guess is that’s what it’ll be, only time can tell!”
The perpetrators refunded Pranksy many hours later, sending 97.69 ETH backr. Pranksy believes he received the refund once distinctive from the hacker and follows them on Twitter. He told the BBC:

“The refund was completely surprising, I believe the press coverage of the hack and the actual fact that I had found the hacker and followed him on Twitter could have pushed him into a refund.”
An interpreter related to Banksy said: “The artist Banksy has not created any NFT artworks. Any Banksy NFT auctions aren’t related to the artist in any form or type.” They declined to debate whether or not Banky’s web site had been broken by hackers.

Commenting on the drama, Twitter user “Cryptochild” noted that OpenSea was the only real winner from the debacle, having pocketed a 2.5% cut of Pransky’s huge bid.