Next-Gen Travel App On NEO To Introduce Fiat Payments This Year: Travala Q1 Roadmap Reveals

If you have read our beginner’s guide to NEO, you would know how powerful the blockchain underlying it is. Now, a next generation travel agent platform based on NEO Blockchain, Travala is preparing to touch new ground with their first quarter roadmap for the new year that’s upon us. They have released the proposed roadmap and what it appears from it is rather exciting. Travala seems to be moving towards accepting fiat support.

As per the proposals outlined by Travala, it plans to integrate payments using plastic money in the form of credit or debit card payments. In addition, it is also possibly planning to incorporate support for PayPal, and also introduce a programme for earning rewards or benefits through referrals.

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The first quarter roadmap makes use of a sectional framework to lay down its short term and long term plans to take its own operations forward. From the published document, it appears that Travala is keen to launch the Travala wallet soon, complete with Google 2-Factor authentication. Soon afterwards, within quarter 1, it also plans to work on its collaboration with new wholesale accommodation providers to make sure its Gimmonix platform is up and running. A Beta marketplace, ready with new performance features and enhanced UI functionality is also in the pipeline for the first quarter.

In addition to these, as we have already mentioned, PayPal/credit card/debit card integrations are also underway, as are referral programmes.

As for the long run, Travala is actively working upon adding even more functionalities over the subsequent quarters. It is trying to develop a fiat system to serve as an alternative to the current system as well as new offerings such as global flight booking/car rental/activities and cars APIs. Now that it has collaborated with nOs, building a dApp for the same is also on the cards.