New Survey Reveals That 12% US Crypto Holders Are Long Time Investors

A new survey by HBUS, the operator of United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, has brought some interesting facts to light.

The survey, which reportedly noted the responses of 1,067 American participants between March and April this year, has concluded that almost 12% of crypto holders are long-term investors. The results also indicate that 19.58% of these participants have an income higher than $99,000 per year, are currently holding cryptocurrency.

The survey however clearly defines an income bracket for people more likely to invest in crypto assets, and that is between $125,000 and $149,000. It also claims that 74.32% of the people are aware of cryptocurrencies, and over 60% selected their exchange based the recommendation of a friend.

The responses reported, clearly show that the top three reservations that stand in the way of crypto adoption, are lack of understanding and education, issue of security and a general distrust. On the other hand, the top three reasons for investing in  crypto are technological potential, promise of privacy and, conversely, the security.

The report indicates that in 2018, 8% of the respondents invested in crypto, while that number jumped to 20% in 2019. The male to female disparity is clear, with 27.49% of men investing in crypto, as opposed to 13.22% of women.

Surveys conducted by various organizations in the recent months are helping us gauge the market sentiment in a much more efficient and credible manner. A Deloitte survey reported that executives see blockchain as a more mature solution.